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5 metrics that will improve when your team adopts TDD

You’ve already heard of Test-Driven Development. Finally you get down to trying it out for real. You even manage to convince your whole team to adopt it with you. Now you ask yourself how to find out, whether TDD actually benefits your team. Let me share with you 5 metrics ideas, which you can monitor […]

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Test Doubles – Fakes, Mocks and Stubs.

In automated testing it is common to use objects that look and behave like their production equivalents, but are actually simplified. This reduces complexity, allows to verify code independently from the rest of the system and sometimes it is even necessary to execute self validating tests at all. A Test Double is a generic term […]

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Domain-Driven Design vs. anemic model. How do they differ?

Some time ago during one of our internal DDD learning group meeting I was wondering what is the best way to show differences between writing an application with an anemic model and application with applied concepts of DDD. I came up with a drawing which illustrates these two types of application.

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Design Patterns handouts

Design Patterns handouts

In Pragmatists we not only write software. There is time for leading workshops too. One of the most recent was about Design Patterns — the art of creating code in such way that it is based on widely known and proven, clean solutions. Here you can see version 1.0 of Design Patterns handouts which I’ve […]

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