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5 metrics that will improve when your team adopts TDD

You’ve already heard of Test-Driven Development. Finally you get down to trying it out for real. You even manage to convince your whole team to adopt it with you. Now you ask yourself how to find out, whether TDD actually benefits your team. Let me share with you 5 metrics ideas, which you can monitor […]

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Test Doubles – Fakes, Mocks and Stubs.

In automated testing it is common to use objects that look and behave like their production equivalents, but are actually simplified. This reduces complexity, allows to verify code independently from the rest of the system and sometimes it is even necessary to execute self validating tests at all. A Test Double is a generic term […]

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7 mitów na temat TDD głoszonych przez tych, którzy go nie używają

Programiści, którzy nie używają Test-Driven Development mają najczęściej swoją własną wizję, jak wygląda praca tych, którzy TDD stosują i jakie mają problemy. W tym tekście 7 najczęstszych mitów rozwiewa „nawrócony” na TDD Tomasz Jerzak, który uczestniczył w serii naszych szkoleń.

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JUnitParams 1.0.4 released

New version of our JUnitParams, tool for running parameterized test in JUnit, has been released. Checkout new features: Configurable test case names New annotation @TestCaseName that can be used for test case name configuration: will produce tests with names: Thanks to Menliat for contribution. Allow usage of enums as a data source Parameters annotation now […]

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Pragmatists at geecon TDD

The first edition of geecon TDD will take place on January the 30th in Poznań. It’s the first time I’ve seen a conference concentrated solely on Test-Driven Development. It’s a great idea and I hope it will work out very well. With the outstanding lineup of speakers, it definitely should! As proponents of TDD, we at Pragmatists decided to […]

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Brown-bagging Kent Beck’s “Test Driven Development” screencasts

Here at Pragmatists, Test-Driven Development is not just another methodology – it’s a way of life, almost a religion. We practice it every day, on real projects, and believe it is a key component in achieving quality and speed of development. That is why we were very excited to watch Kent’s Beck series of screencasts […]

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How I started to create Unit Tests for Oracle PL/SQL code

Before I started working at Pragmatists I never actually took time or effort to research the web for automating the testing process in Oracle databases. My previous job was more about delivering solutions, advisory, analysis, design and implementation using the traditional cascade product delivery approach. I don’t want to get into too many details on how it […]

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Otwarte szkolenie TDD

Już za tydzień otwarte szkolenie z Test-Driven Development. 3 dni wykładów i warsztatów to duża dawka wiedzy, kodowania i projektowania, pozwalająca na rozpoczęcie przygody z TDD. Zapraszamy!

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TDD z jMock2 – screencast Damiana Rodziewicza

Mockito święci tryumfy, ale warto spojrzeć też na inny, dojrzały framework do mockowania: jMock. Zwłaszcza, jeśli planujemy przeczytać książkę zwaną GOOS. W przykładach autorzy wykorzystują właśnie tę bibliotekę, którą zresztą aktywnie rozwijają. Zapraszam do obejrzenia screencastu Damiana Rodziewicza, przybliżającego zastosowanie … Continue reading

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