New Voice Media


The award-winning customer contact platform that helps organizations around the world build a more personal relationship with each client or prospect. It connects all communication channels without expensive hardware changes. It is integrated directly with CRM systems to obtain full access to data.


What was/is the objective?

Providing a Front-end solution that allows the client to build dashboards indicating the most important statistics for the operation of a call center. The data needed for visualization came to us from the client services.

The aim of the project was to help supervise the work of call centers by monitoring the most important metrics to deliver ongoing alerts about deviations from the level of KPI standards.




We have started our cooperation from implementing the ability to add predefined components presenting the selected metric on the dashboard.



We have developed a solution with the possibility of flexible organization of the dashboard by adding the ability to move and resize components.


Our next step was to implement the ability to define alerts, allowing for quick observation of KPI deviations from the employees’ standard.


Replacement of predefined components with ones allowing for any configuration of the displayed KPIs on the selected chart type.


Working with the UI / UX team of the client, we have rebuilt the application so that you can build dashboards in a convenient and user-friendly way.


1 The product is easier to navigate for the end-user, it has a clear interface, and can be used on stationary devices as well as mobile devices with built-in responsive views.
2 The objectives of the project were completed within the set deadline and budget.

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