The largest and most popular real estate portal in the UK. In addition to connecting buyers and sellers, Rightmove has a wide range of products and services for the entire real estate market. The company has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2006.


What was/is the objective?

Creation of a real estate valuation tool for appraisers that use Rightmove services on the market across the UK. The application, due to the problems with Internet coverage in certain geographical areas, was to be designed to work offline.




We were focused on the research phase. Our developers began by getting acquainted with the specifics of the real estate appraisers’ work in the UK. The aim was to assess the real needs of users so that only those functionalities that are really needed are created.



Creation of a prototype for UX tests to verify the usability of the proposed solution. It contained only statistical data (created for testing purposes), which made it possible to quickly verify the made assumptions.


The basic scope of functionality created in the previous stage has been integrated with the actual data collected by the client (Rightmove). It allowed continuing user tests in the work of end users. In this way, we obtained the first MVP.


Creation of additional functionalities that allowed production implementation for the first Rightmove customers.


Handover of the project to the development team on the client’s side and continuous support in the final development phase.


1 We created a tool with which the appraisers were able to find and compare real estate prices in a given region in a quick and accessible way (even offline).
2 The tool is easy to use, with an interface adapted for users in terms of their use (in the field) and the target group (age 50+).
3 The project has been successfully completed and welcomed by both the client and the users.


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