Software Development
UX/UI Design
Product Design

Our process

We use a blend of Scrum and Extreme Programming as project management method. In this approach the software is designed, written, tested and integrated continuously in short (1-2 weeks) iterations.

Here's how it works

Iterative and incremental development

Each of our iterations starts with detailed planning, and concludes with the release of a potentially shippable product – a production-ready package containing tested and documented application features. We do this from Day 1. By using frequent product reviews, we let the customer decide when the software is ready for deployment. Our customers often decide to release the software ahead of schedule, as they feel it will already bring the desired value to users.

Extensive automated testing

A dense net of complete automatic unit, integration and acceptance tests prevents regression errors.Due to this, you will be able to start using or delivering working software to your customers much earlier, and then incrementally deliver new features as they are implemented. Due to these tests, we’re able to deliver new production-ready software packages even daily. And large teams of testers are not needed, which lets our clients save money with us.

Team effectiveness optimization

During a project, we measure and improve our team’s effectiveness. This way we can tell how much work we can commit to during an iteration, and can reasonably plan both content and schedule of future releases. Using charts and statistics, we deliver high-quality software in a deterministic way.

UX/UI Patterns

The Pragmatists UX/UI team can refine the project ordered from us, not only on the programming, but also on the usability and aesthetic sides.

We adopt modern methods, without ever isolating the user-experience design process from close co-operation with the client. We achieve high usability of the emerging applications thanks to clearly defined end-user expectations. When reaching the user proves unfeasible, we use all the possible data to create its most realistic model.

When creating a great UX, we also strive to raise awareness of good practices throughout the entire team. Developers inform us about the realistic data displayed by the emerging application, and through their analytical approach, they enrich the whole process.

Thanks to our skills, we’re able to provide realistic mockups. This allows the client to swiftly confront their assumptions, referencing them to the interface being created. In the application development process, we use the very latest programs, coupled with modern design techniques such as pair designing.


In order to keep to co-operation transparent, we give our clients access to a PM Dashboard, which visualizes the most important aspects of the project being implemented like budget use vs. delivered scope, time usage per person, vacation plans, etc. Below is a dashboard for a sample project.

Why not more?

You might think you’re mainly interested in Software Development, i.e. coding and testing. But there’s so much more we can help you with. Why expect less of us if we can give you more?

Product ideation and definition

We work with your people doing Impact Mapping, Systematic Inventive Thinking and other workshops which can help you come up with great ideas and ways to accomplish and measure them. Some of these things we do ourselves, for others we co-operate with our partners.

Project specification

Once there is a good product vision, we help you get down to earth with concrete software features, flows and modules. We use User Story Mapping technique to create a map of the future software product devided to releases.

Training and coaching in agile

Once you decide that you want the system to go live, we can support your DevOps teams or do everything ourselves. That includes cloud hosting, which we’ll be using all the way during the development anyway.

Deployment & hosting

We know how hard it is to change how a team works. Should you be not satisfied with the performance of your teams, our trainers can teach and then support them in the hard first period of change.