by Pragmatists

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION, an intelligent and automatic voice bot, is our original product. It was born on one of the company’s hackathons and very quickly found practical application at one of our clients. The bot enables voice customer service at any time of day and night, through the automation of activities previously reserved only for call and contact center consultants. Talkie can communicate in many languages, including Polish.


What was/is the objective?

Creating a voice-bot that is able to handle many clients simultaneously, eliminating the problem of frustrating queues to call/contact centers. Thanks to the integration with internal systems (eg CRM), Talkie has immediate insight, such as in data regarding the calling client. This means that Talkie is context-sensitive — it takes into account the history of customers and services they used to personalize the service. Based on the mechanisms of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Talkie not only handles customers but also analyzes data and, for example, actively offers additional services to clients.




We help our client identify processes that can be automated by using the bot. We are especially interested in places where automation can bring the biggest profit — places that are the most crowded by clients or involve long conversations, taking up the time of consultants. We divide the implementation into phases and develop the bot iteratively, starting from a small set of functionality and reduced hours of operation.


As soon as possible, we share the bot with a small group of target recipients, to confront ideas with consumers and glean their next most urgent needs. We talk with consumers who have used the bot services. On this basis, we modify the process, teach the bot and implement changes in the text.


When all functionalities are provided: we test and compare the effectiveness of different versions of dialogues and phrases to optimize conversation conversions; we monitor and analyze the performance of the bot on a regular basis.


1 Line available 24/7.
2 Constant high quality of conversation.
3 No employee rotation.
4 Continuously learning solution that with every conversation understands the customer’s needs better.
5 The solution enables modification of the bot’s behavior in the "no downtime" mode, without long-term deployments and shutdowns.
6 A meticulous analysis of user behavior and reports for clients


Project length


Team members


Languages supported